Marketing Effectiveness

The Context

Our client was considering the launch of a new “Daily Deal” product to increase purchase rate among those who visited the website. A key portion of this study also included measuring the success of a new TV Advertising campaign for which they wanted to understand customer perceptions and a “call to action,” including sharing in social media and travel purchase.

The Strop Solution

STROP conducted two separate survey studies to:

  • Understand consumer appeal of the “Daily Deal” concept and potential names for the campaign, incl. high-level category analysis
  • Assess consumer preferences for the TV Ad campaign options, as well as stated actions after seeing each ad

Our Impact

As planned, the study provided specific recommendations on the “Daily Deal” concept name and helped the client identify the most impactful TV ads. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the study also shed light on differences between our client and their competitors on conversion of visits-to-purchase, effectiveness of ad campaign as a purchase driver vs. other actions, and behavioral differences between key customer segments.

Typical Duration: 3 weeks