Gears Model

The Context

Our client had a sophisticated research and development team generating exciting new breakthrough product innovations. These innovations were relevant to their product space but were pursued with little quantitative framing towards priorities and without understanding product relevance to customers or consumers.

The Strop Solution

Strop implemented its custom innovation evaluation framework, which allowed the client’s customers and consumers to guide the innovation pipeline. This new process focused numerous disparate projects into a simple, manageable process that allowed for only those projects strongly resonating strongly within the consumer space to capture the focused energy of product scientists and engineers.

Our Impact

The new innovation evaluation framework has focused the client’s significant, although not unlimited, R&D budgets towards those product innovations most likely to generate the highest appeal and relevance among their customer and consumers base. The new innovation evaluation framework is always the first item discussed at the client’s quarterly R&D leadership meetings.

Typical Duration: 3-5 weeks