Customer Segmentation

The Context

A quick-service restaurant company wanted to fully understand consumer perceptions and preferences among its current menu items by measuring them across specific food attributes (i.e. sweetness and spiciness), and food perceptions (like quality, heartiness, and healthiness).

The Strop Solution

Strop developed a survey instrument evaluating a wide range of menu item characteristics, and personally distributed the surveys to in-store customers after their meal. Within a few days, Strop Insights had collected several hundred responses – allowing Strop Insights to deliver meaningful and actionable insights that focused on customer engagement and perceptions of each menu item.

Our Impact

Our research gave this quick-service restaurant a unique perspective into their customers’ minds – and identified several products that could be revisited – either by optimizing key product diagnostics or by communicating key attributes of products where there was a perceptual mis-alignment with the actual product.

Typical Duration: 2-4 weeks